Enrollment Fee (valid for 12 months)


IT: Al prezzo del corso va aggiunta la quota d’iscrizione di 50 euro (valida per 12 mesi). Tale quota comprende i materiali usati in classe, l’uso del centro, la ricerca gratuita dell’alloggio, il test d’ingresso, la valutazione del livello e altri servizi.

ENG: All prices are per person and don’t include the 50 euro enrollment fee (valid for 12 months) that needs to be paid apart. This fee includes the teaching materials, use of the linguistic center, placement test and assessment, Certificate of Attendance, free accommodation research and other services.

Description in English

Description in English

Skype classes are recommended for those who want to learn, improve or simply maintain the Italian language from the comfort of their own home or during a work break at the office.

These lessons are not exclusively conversation-based. They include different kind of materials like videos, pictures and tasks especially created by our teachers to work on all aspects of the communicative competence.
The schedule for the Italian skype lessons can be arranged with the school. In case the student cancells the lesson, the missed lesson can be made up as indicated on the school regulation.
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