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L'Italiano con noi Italian language courses in Italy for international students, visa support.

Viaggiare sicuri - facile con L'italiano con noi!

Students from countries outside the European Union who plan on staying in Italy for more than 90 days need to request a study visa from the Italian Consulate in their country of residence. The school shall send the documents necessary for applying for such a visa within three working days from the date of confirmation of their enrollment.

To confirm the enrollment in courses it is necessary:

- To read and accept the terms and conditions
- To fill the online enrollment application form
- To send proof of payment of the deposit to info@litalianoconnoi.com. Such a deposit is equal to 30% of the cost of the course + 50 euros enrollment tax (valid for 12 months)

The cost of posting the documents is NOT included in the cost of the course nor in that of the enrollment tax. Such cost varies depending on the student’s country of residence.

If the study visa is not granted, the student has the right to a refund according to the terms indicated in the school regulations.