L'Italiano con noi

Why you'll like it.
Italian language courses in Verona

In the end, there will be
just one thing that you will
not like.
You will like the enthusiasm and the positive energy with which you’ll be welcomed. From your first day at school, you will feel at home.
You will live a new experience every day, both inside the classroom and out. You will pursue learning activities and use ever new and diversified resources that will help you build your skills in communicating in Italian both with us and with your classmates.
Day after day, Verona will become ever more like a home to you. At a few steps from the school, you’ll find your coffee shop and restaurant of choice, as well as your favourite corner in the city’s historical centre.
Each morning you will walk into an elegant building near “Piazza delle Erbe” in the heart of the old city. You’ll be greeted in a new and welcoming environment, containing coloured sofas, a coffee area, and a projection room; you will be studying in air-conditioned classrooms full of light.
In the afternoon, you’ll get a chance to watch a film with your companions, chat in a coffee shop where the locals hang out, go for walks and learn about the history of the city with Davide or Federico, or visit nearby cities with Marco.