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What to do in Verona

In our school we offer fun activities also in the afternoon and the weekend. Students have the opportunity to know the artistic beauty of the city, have a full immersion in the local culture and meet the local people in places often away from the most tourist streets.
Our fun activities are recommended for those who are searching for culture, not just inside museums, but also in the homes of locals and in the streets where culture can be found in the sounds, scents, sights, as well as in the most unexpected situations.
TOTAL IMMERSION, BEAUTY, AUTHENTICITY AND ENCOUNTER OTHERS…these are some of the positive values that inspire us.

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with Angela
Verona is a city founded by the Romans over 2000 years ago, though only a few testimonies of that glorious past can be seen while walking through the city centre. There is, in fact, a long list of hidden Roman ruins. It is right there that our pleasant walk together begins, among many anecdotes and curiosities.

with Elena
Guided tour to see Verona from an unusual point of view, guided by the statues that adorn the streets and squares of the historic centre. A way to get to know and meet up close the people who lived in this city, loved it, and made it famous. If you look closely, their statues still speak to us today! History, art and literature intertwine on this evocative and fascinating journey.
with Giorgia
Italy is famous for its appetizing dishes and products. One of these is certainly ice cream. How are the ingredients selected? What makes Italian ice cream so unique? These and other curiosities accompanied by a delectable ice cream. Cone or cup?

with Giorgia
Guided tour of an elegant Valpolicella cellar. The story of an Italian family and its passion for wine since 1902. Finally, a tasting of fine wines from the Verona area accompanied by local cold cuts and cheeses. What better way to get to know each other and chat than while sipping excellent wine?

Exclusive visit behind the scenes
Verona is also famous for the Opera festival at the Arena in the summer. In fact, the Arena is a Roman theater that is still in use for music concerts, operas and other types of entertainment. Our exceptional guide, Luisa, the Director of the Musical Archive of the Arena, reveals curious stories about the staging of an opera. This is an exclusive visit to see up close the myriad details of costumes and sets.
with Silvia
You cannot come to Italy without trying to make pasta at home. Let's try to make it together with Silvia who teaches us how to prepare the famous tagliatelle like Italian grandmothers do, and how to roll out the dough with a rolling pin. The lesson includes a buffet with an aperitif and, of course, plenty of chatting.

with Giorgia/Angela
The University of Padua is among the oldest in the world (founded in 1222). Here, modern anatomy was born and the university boasts the first anatomical theater with the very first autopsies. Galileo Galilei taught at the University of Padua for 18 years.
In this city Giotto also painted the famous Scrovegni Chapel in 1302, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2021. The blue of its starry sky is famous all over the world.
with Giorgia
Among the typical products of the Verona area, extra virgin olive oil is undoubtedly among the most important. There are many olive groves on the hills of Verona and Lake Garda. We offer a guided tour to see the steps of production in a family-run oil mill and to taste different types of oil on the typical Italian bruschetta. A relaxing afternoon under the olive trees.

with Giorgia
What better way to get to know the hidden sides of the city while having fun and learning the language?
Receive clues, search for answers and send them to the school mobile phone. One, two, three… May the best man win!

with Giancarla
May those who don’t like Parmesan cheese raise their hand!
We offer a visit to the cheese factory of a family that has been producting cheese since 1908. Made with fresh milk, traditional methods that have been passed on from generation to generation, and a great deal of passion.

with Angela
When we think of Venice, the image of San Marco’s Square instantly appears in our minds; however, that enchanting city also holds a lot of surprises in its hidden corners. Suffice to think of its islands, where, throughout history, local craftsmen and craftswomen passed on the complex art of glassblowing and the traditional and patient working of lace.
The school offers a visit to those handicraft workshops that are unique in the world.
For large groups, it would be possible to move around comfortably from the train station to the islands in a private boat. The entire trip lasts about six hours and includes a visit to San Marco’s Square.
with Elena
Not far from Verona, in the romantic city of Valeggio Sul Mincio, we find a park that is rich in history, as well as in rare and beautifully kept plants. It covers 600,000 square kilometres. Among the many activities available , we offer a fun treasure hunt amidst nature, as well as a tour of the huge park in a little scenic train. What better way to immerse yourself in the lush green and to fully take in its glorious beauty!

Regularly we arrange also

cooking classes
visits to wineries
evenings at the theatre
classes about the opera
tour to discover churches and artistic beauties outside the tourist circuits
bicycle tours
visits to nearby cities
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